Why Choose Us

Learn About Women From Women


We think it’s really important to learn how to succeed with women by working with women. That’s why our team consists of 8 beautiful, intelligent women (and one man):

  • Head trainer Rebecca, age 27
  • Psychology graduate and promo model, age 25
  • IT consultant, age 29
  • Swimsuit model and presenter, age 24
  • Former catwalk model, now in sales, age 27
  • Psychology and neuroscience student, age 21
  • Psychology graduate, age 23
  • Philosophy and literature student, age 24

With one-on-one feedback from our trainers, you gain insight into the female psyche that might otherwise take years to gather on your own. You ask our attractive, desirable Female Trainers exactly what they’re thinking (or feeling) about you or your approach—and they explain to you exactly what you did right and wrong, and how you can do better for next time.

This Training Really Works


Guys we coached years ago still rave about us. But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve received 80+ glowing testimonials—from men from all over the world. Some guys even flew to Sydney all the way from the US, Asia and even the UK just to attend our 3 Day Bootcamp! In fact, many guys write updates a year or two after their Bootcamp about the incredible life-changing results they’ve experienced long after we coached them.

Many students are so grateful for their training they actually volunteered their phone numbers to answer questions from our potential clients. If you’re seriously considering our training, we can put you in touch with a former client in your area, age group or line of work. You can talk with him personally about the experience and his post-coaching results.

Proven Program Of Exercises With Female Trainers

Our proven teaching strategies have brought success and happiness with women to many men just like you.

We don’t simply parrot a bunch of vague theories then throw you into a loud, drunken bar to sink or swim. We bring the beautiful women to you, then we coach you intensively in our training rooms at close range. We work with you to improve every aspect of your approach:

  • touch (kino),
  • timing,
  • voice,
  • eye contact,
  • conversation skills,
  • social intelligence.

You keep practicing your approaches with our Female Trainers, over and over, until you’re confident you’ve mastered each vital interpersonal skill—only then do we take you out into the real world of bars, shopping centers and bookstores.

Dating Training Designed For Successful, Educated Men


We understand the demands placed on many busy professionals: long hours, being chained to a computer or endless meetings. We know:

  • how hard it can be to find the energy to be “social” after a tough week ,
  • how difficult it can be to meet new people outside of work circles ,
  • how difficult it can be to find cool single guys to go out with,
  • how educated successful men think,
  • how your mind and job could be the number one things holding you back from the social and sex lives you want .

We have proven strategies to help you.

James Is An Educated, Successful Professional

James is not a magician, rock music writer, street performer or male model. His success with women comes from revolutionising his social skills and his understanding of the female mind – not thousands of solo cold approaches in bars.

We Teach You To Meet Beautiful, Intelligent Women

We’re not particularly interested in drunk girls in clubs or strippers. Our training program is specifically designed to teach you to seduce quality women. Women with at least some level of culture and curiosity for life. Women who read books, study, travel, dance, play sport, play music or practice yoga.
The girls you want to wake up next to on a lazy Sunday morning.

95% Of Dating Advice Is Dangerous


It’s true, sadly “nice guys” do finish last. That’s why all the dating advice for men that we’ve seen in the media is lame. It’s so much about showing women that you are romantic, thoughtful and caring and will make such a great “provider”. Desirable women don’t care about this stuff until after they find you sexually attractive.

We train you to become a strong confident man able to go out into the world and get what you want, including the women you find attractive.

We Help You In Business Too

it_can_help_you_in_business_tooYou learn practical, advanced social skills that are every bit as valuable to you in business networking, sales or your friendships with men. 50% of our Bootcamp could be a ‘Social Skills For Business’ course. The advanced social skills training you’ll get on our Bootcamp has helped guys get promotions, awesome new jobs and make more money. It even gave some clients the confidence to finally go out and start their own business.

Our training gives you the skill-set and courage to confidently start asking for and getting exactly what you want in your day to day interactions, and in life. We help you become a real man.

Amazing Results For All Types Of Men

Our typical client is defined by being at least a little above average intelligence and seeking more from his life than just waiting around patiently to see what fate delivers to him. Not his age, race, height, physical attractiveness or experience with women.

You can read glowing testimonials from 18yo students who spent 2 years’ savings on our training through to wealthy retirees and a charismatic heir to a world famous fortune. From 5’1 – 6’10, including Indian, African American, Latino and loads of smart Asian guys.

We’ve coached Engineers and IT professionals galore. We helped a top male model, a TV star, pro athletes, multi-millionaire financiers and specialist doctors. Hopeless virgins who were scared of people to guys who’ve already dated professional models all loved our coaching and wrote glowing testimonials about it’s impact on their lives.

We Coach You All The Way To Sex & Beyond

get_more_sexEveryone knows the self-help industry puts out countless books about what do once you’re in a relationship. But there is little information about how to find a girlfriend – much less to seduce a fantastic girl for you.

The Seduction Industry talks a lot about how to approach a strange woman and how to get phone numbers and kisses. The better companies offer decent advice on how to strike up a good conversation and get a date with her.

So how are we different? We guide you every step of the way:

  • Set up a successful date,
  • How to take the date back to your lounge room,
  • Help her relax and enjoy herself,
  • Smoothly move her to your bedroom (and out of her clothes),
  • Satisfy her in the bedroom so she’ll be rushing back for more,
  • Understand the psychology of beautiful women in relationships.

Charisma Arts’ Best Instructor Ever


James was, by far, the best reviewed instructor ever for Wayne Elise’s company Charisma Arts–aka ‘Juggler’ from The Game, by New York Times best selling author Neil Strauss.

On the once famous Charisma Arts forum James received 71 glowing Bootcamp reviews from his students–nearly 3 times more than any other instructor in the world. The next best instructors on the forum had 25, 23 and 21 reviews respectively and they were based in the enormous US market–often coaching many more clients than James.

Charisma Arts once employed more than 30 Instructors. They were the first live training company to teach “natural” dating methods and was the global industry leader from 2005-2010.