What We Do

Individual training with our Female experts


Within our non-stressful workrooms, our staff of skilled Female Trainers work with you—one-on-one—to perfect your social and dating skills. Our Program of Drills and Exercises with Female Trainers will give you the skill-set to be confident at:

  • standing, seated and group approaches,
  • social and seductive touching (kino),
  • eye contact,
  • leading conversations,
  • making an interaction sexual,
  • seducing your date.

In-field training


After completing 50-100 one-on-one approaches with our Female Trainers, you’ll head out armed with the skills to successfully meet women in bookstores, bars and shopping centres. But we don’t just throw you into the deep end alone. Our trainers go with you, offering even more personalised feedback and coaching.

Think of it like spending the morning on the driving range with your golf coach–before going out and effortlessly belting each shot straight down the middle of the fairway.

Get over your fear of rejection


At Social Coach, “confidence through competence” is one of our favorite sayings. By teaching you exactly how to handle yourself in a wide variety of situations, the Drills and Exercises with our Female Trainers give you the confidence you need. Knowing exactly what to do will reduce your “approach anxiety” more than anything. Soon, you’ll find that your approaches are warmly welcomed and lead to more and more enjoyable conversations—building up your self-confidence each and every time.

We won’t try to change who you are


We do not want to you become a different person. Instead, we help uncover the best version of you to present to the attractive women you want to meet. We first identify exactly what’s holding you back, then give you the necessary hands-on training (and social skills) to fix these issues.

Proven natural method of success with women


What our method isn’t: No fancy techniques, cheesy pick-up lines and definitely no silly hats.

What our method is: A method of succeeding with women based on teaching guys advanced social skills and an understanding of the female mind that has been perfected through years of teaching experience working alongside beautiful Female Trainers.

Our curriculum draws on knowledge and techniques from acting classes and sales training-not pick-up artists. But don’t just take our word for it: check our 80+ glowing testimonials, including many from guys documenting their incredible results and progress 12 months after our Bootcamp.

What You’ll Learn

Advanced social skills & social intelligence

social_intelligenceMen are stupid—and the clever ones realise this. Because women are vastly more socially aware than men, the guys with the highest levels of social intelligence get the very best girls. Do you know that your social intelligence means much more to a desirable woman than your looks, money, education, height or muscles? It’s true.

Our training program is devoted to helping you grasp the finer points of social and romantic interactions and teaching you the best ways to behave in different scenarios.

Approaching techniques


Perfect your approach methods by completing our comprehensive program of Drills and Exercises. Working with our Female Trainers, we guide you through dozens of standing, seated and group approaches.

We’ve designed our training sessions to teach the best ways of approaching women–no matter where you find yourself:

  • Cafes
  • Bookstores
  • Restaurants
  • Classes
  • School and university
  • Parties
  • Beaches
  • Shopping
  • Walking down the street
  • Public transport
  • Traveling
  • Gym, yoga etc

Conquer your approach anxiety


Our students rave about our approach anxiety destroying exercises even more than our beautiful Female Trainers!

Our unique exercises are inspired by James’ acting and meditation training, with a little help from Tony Robbins and Steve Irwin.

Learn to meet women in your daily life (day game)


Where you look is often far more important than how you look. Our program of Drills and Exercises with Female Trainers will give you the skill-set and confidence to easily meet attractive women almost anywhere you come across them.

You’ll now find meeting women in low pressure environments in your day to day life easier and a far more productive use of your precious free time than bars. Start going to places where you can meet women with similar interests to yours and this whole meeting great women thing really becomes a cinch.

Conversation skills


Starting an enjoyable conversation is a skill, just like learning to surf or serve a tennis ball. And once you know how, it’s actually really easy. We have a tried and tested structure to consistently build sparkling conversations, and we teach you to master these skills in practical exercises with our Female Trainers.

Dating and seduction skills


So, what is the purpose of a date? It’s getting to know a woman and, if you really like her, trying to sleep with her as soon as possible. Men who take a long time to make things sexual (ie nice guys) are setting themselves up for all sorts of problems for themselves in their relationships with women. Men who’ve enjoyed the company of numerous beautiful women know that the “traditional model” of meeting and dating women can make things really difficult, if not impossible.

James has perfected a simple system to help you sweep women off their feet–often on the first date. Our special hands-on exercises (with our top Female Trainers) give you step-by-step experience in how to structure a date to lead quickly to the bedroom and a sexual relationship. We call this “dating logistics.”

Psychology of beautiful women


Most men are intimidated by really stunning women. This makes them nervous and unable to relax and be themselves. If you can learn to be confident around a beautiful woman and uncover a few shared interests you might be the only guy like that she’s met in months. Astoundingly, this means many beautiful women are actually easier to sleep with with than “regular” girls.

During your Bootcamp, two days are spent in our training room (with our lovely Female Trainers) honing your dating and seduction skills. You’ll learn about female psychology, along with women’s likes and dislikes. Once you’ve been trained in exactly what to do–and are no longer afraid of beautiful women–a whole world that very few guys ever enter will open up for you.

Have fun on the way to a wonderful girlfriend


We believe you should sample a wide variety of women before you even think about settling down with one. We find many busy, successful men just seem to end up with the most beautiful girl that falls in their path. This often brings them misery and disastrous consequences over time.

We prefer a proactive approach to your love life. We train you to be a man in the eyes of women. We give you the skill-set to meet and seduce a large number of girls. Then it’s easy to to find someone truly special to be your girlfriend. You just pick the best one.

Who We Help

Our typical clients

Most of our clients are educated or successful men who wish to learn the advanced social skills necessary to fill their lives with beautiful and intelligent women. Or men who may simply be too busy to devote enough time and energy to their social lives—or men who have trouble getting out and meeting new people.

We specialise in training:

  • White Collar Professionals
  • Engineers and IT Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Executives and Salespeople
  • Medical Professionals
  • Intelligent younger men