Why Women Reject Men - The Top 10 Dangerous Mistakes Aussie Men Make With Women

what you'll learn on this online workshop


  • The Greatest Opening Line Of All Time
  • The Simple Trick To Instantly Get A Woman’s Full Attention When You Approach Her
  • The Number 1 Reason Men Get Rejected By Women (It Will Surprise You)

conversation skills

  • We Tell You Exactly What Words You Need To Say To Get The Conversation
  • Learn A Conversation Structure repeatedly PROVEN To Work On Beautiful Women
  • The Best Way To Get A Woman Eagerly Talking To You
  • The #1 Fatal Mistake Nearly All Guy Make On Super Hot Girls

how to make a move

  • The Kiss Test: How To Know When A Woman Is Ready To Be Kissed
  • How To NEVER Be The “Nice Guy” In The “Friends Zone” Ever Again
  • How To Get Many More Dates Back To Your Place

Who is it for

The average age of our clients is 34, with most falling in the 25-55 age range.

We also get a handful of intelligent younger men and the occasional 60+.

Most of our clients tend to be of above average intelligence – many are educated professionals, office workers or business owners.

The Benefits for you

One of the great things we’ve learned in life is that you can’t expect to do the same thing continuously and expect a different result.

The benefits for you to attend the free evening online webinar workshop are numerous, but include…

  • talking-to-womenLearn how to meet, attract and date many beautiful, high quality women.
  • Increase your confidence in all other areas of your life as a result of your powerful new social and networking skills

How would you like to become one of the tiny percentage of Australian men with the skills and confidence to walk up to beautiful women, start an enjoyable conversation and get them attracted to you?

And to know that beautiful women are going to warmly welcome your approaches the majority of the time.

Well, guess what? If you learn the Social and Dating Skills we’re teaching you on this Online Workshop, this is totally achievable – even easy.

On this Social Coach Online Workshop we’re going to show you exactly how.


  • meeting-girls2.fwApproach beautiful women smoothly and confidently
  • Start great conversations and never run out of things to say
  • Kill your wussy “nice guy” and stay out of the friend zone by learning the secrets to powerfully seduce women with touch and eye contact

Who knows where this decision to take action...

Your Next Steps

Click the link below and take action by registering for the free evening online webinar workshop. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

You are in for a fun night and very possibly a game changing moment in your life.

Strictly Limited to 100 Places!

FREE Online Workshop

Strictly Limited to 100 Places!

Date and Time:
Thursday 1st August
7pm-8:30pm AEST

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