The Team


Our Head Trainer, Rebecca started working with Social Coach early 2009.  She leads our team of Female Trainers and brings a powerful female perspective to James’ methods and teaching style.

Rebecca was just made for this role (and women who can be even adequate Female Trainers are very hard to find). She has a rare combination of high social intelligence as well as logical reasoning intelligence. She can analyse her own emotional reactions and thought processes—and then translate them into logical, practical terms and explain them in a way that men can easily understand.

Plus she’s bi-sexual—she knows exactly what it feels like to be seduced by a man and she has experienced just how confusing and difficult seducing a woman can be. Rebecca truly understands the process of seduction from the male and female perspective.

All this—plus she’s empathetic, patient and cute as a button to boot. Rebecca brings an enormous passion to helping you vastly improve your social life and your sex life.

Rebecca is also one serious bookworm—from Roald Dahl and Oscar Wilde to Jane Austen and Oliver Sacks. But she is quite the athlete too, having represented Australia’s largest state in Netball. Rebecca also plays the cello and absolutely adores dogs.


The things that first impressed James about Natalie was her refined sense of style and conversation skills. She also possesses considerable social intelligence—just like Head Trainer Rebecca.

Clients regularly remark on what a wide range of intellectual interests she has and how easy it is to fall into a great conversation with her.

Natalie likes to describes herself as “the ambitious girl” and loves to read and learn about new things—particularly about global and humanitarian issues. She just completed her double major degree in Psychology and Politics and helped pay the bills with promo and modelling work.

She has been working with Social Coach since early 2012.

In her spare time she enjoys the gym, health and fitness, watching documentaries and travel.


Nicola is an Australian professional bikini model. She started working with Social Coach in 2012.

Along with Natalie and Holli, Nicola is one of just 3 women—out of the scores we’ve interviewed—to have impressed James enough to land a role as a Female Trainer.

She is such a positive, bubbly personality and her mother, father and brother are all professional engineers—both of which help her to relate to our many highly intelligent, left brain dominated clients.

And yeah, the bikini model thing doesn’t hurt either.

In her spare time Nicola loves music, playing and watching sport and travel.


Georgia spent 8 years as an international runway model for Elite. Highlights of her career include shows for Armani in Milan and lead model for a prestigious US Couture designer.

She is about as intimidating a woman as you’re ever likely to meet. She has piercing blue eyes and stands 6’1—about 6’6 in heels. She was a swimming teacher growing up and when James first met her he described her lightly muscled, athletic body as one of the most extraordinary he had seen.

Add to this a level of wit rarely found in such a beautiful women, plus a considerable intellect. She is a product of her family of intellectuals and overachievers—every one of whom has a PhD, Masters or is a medical doctor.

James met Georgia in a bar back in 2006. He was helping out on a Charisma Arts Bootcamp. They hit it off quickly and lived together for six weeks. Like many of James’ girlfriends she’s a hard core bookworm who likes girls too.

Georgia’s unique perspective on dating, plus her ability to effortlessly take over a room and lead groups of people make her a gifted Social Coach.

Apart from all manner of books, Georgia loves singing, playing piano, her cats and cooking.


Claudia is a beautiful, sweet and interesting woman who also holds a degree in Computer Science, and has worked as a data warehousing expert for the last 7 years.

A hot, blue eyed, blonde, Swiss computer geek. Wow, what a find for our clients!

And she recently became an entrepreneur, turning her considerable talents to the health food business.

Not surprisingly, our many business owner and engineer/programmer type clients have raved about her on her first few bootcamps, like she was one of our most experienced Female Trainers.

In her spare time she most enjoys travel, food, yoga and the beach.


A Social Coach Female Trainer since 2010, Holli is a stellar communicator. Her extensive background as a professional singer, actress and acting teacher—plus her passionate enthusiasm for human relationships—give our clients invaluable one-on-one confidence training and bring something extra to her role as a Social Coach.

Holli also loves nature and the performance and coaching work she does with kids in some of the most remote parts of Australia.


21 yo Anita has been with Social Coach for over a year now and excels as a conversation specialist.

She’s also Head Trainer Rebecca’s go to girl for playing “the bitch”. The girl who really makes you earn the right to talk to her, which is a big asset for our clients. If you can crack Anita in “mean mode”, most women in the real world will be a breeze. But it’s all an act! She is just lovely out of character.

Anita is a voracious reader; Shakespeare and Chekhov, to Freakonomics and Steig (Girl with the Dragon Tatoo) Larsson.

She is our resident Theatre nut and also loves film (Dogville, Dr. Strangelove and American Beauty to name a few), as well as contributing to society. Anita is currently undertaking a Science degree, with a focus on neuroscience and psychology.


Liina is the newest member of the Social Coach team. A blue eyed, blonde Estonian woman with a love of travel and literature. More to come soon…


James is such an inspiration to so many men struggling to find confidence and happiness with women. You see he was a still a virgin at age 27! Even at 31 he’d managed just one pitiful sexual experience in his lifetime and had never had a girlfriend.

James truly understands the pain and the frustrations of so many guys struggling with women because he himself suffered more than anyone for over 30 long years.

Well since then he’s shared a bed with beautiful, intelligent young women from over 30 different countries. He’s been in relationships with professional models, a beauty pageant winner, a surgeon and even a girl with an IQ of 155! All this and he is still friends with his most cherished ex-girlfriends.

James has now settled down to a series of longer term relationships with beautiful bi-sexual women, 12 to 18 years younger than him – which have included some glorious “king size bed please” holidays with 2 of his girlfriends at once.

But what’s really significant is that James has taught his students how to get threesomes and date models.

And way more importantly to build their skills and confidence with women so they can play around a fair bit – and then find the most beautiful, life affirming relationships with intelligent, sweet and gorgeous women that they previously considered way out of their league.

James is a self-described travel addict and spent 7 years of his life as a full-time traveler. Often traveling alone, he was constantly arriving in new countries–where he didn’t know a soul– which forced him to face his lifelong shyness and social anxieties. The result? James honed the skills necessary to quickly meet and connect with new people wherever he went.

Before his travels, James was a highly educated Financial Analyst who became a Financial Adviser. He was forced to revolutionise his interpersonal skills. He quickly had to learn public speaking, how to read body language, effective listening and how to smoothly close a sale. He developed the ability to read people and understand what they want. Little did he know all these “career” skills eventually became extremely effective when it came to improving his ability to meet and seduce women.

It’s an understatement to say that James has learnt many amazing life lessons. From months in Buddhist and Hindu meditation ashrams in India, to months in Meisner and improv acting schools in New York—James has experienced it all. Needless to say, these diverse experiences have enormously influenced his teachings.

In his spare time James most enjoys playing sport, classical music, literature, great films, nature and meditation. But his biggest love is long term independent travel, especially in the 3rd World.