Is This You?

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1. You have no role models to teach you how to be successful with women.

This is the #1 reason most men struggle to find happiness with women their whole lives. If you don’t have the basic skill-set, experience and knowledge that you need, how can you ever succeed?

If you didn’t learn and practice the key skills you require to deal with beautiful women in your teens, it is an incredible struggle for most men to catch up as an adult. It’s just like you are attempting to learn a whole new language–with no teachers or resources to help you.

This is why so many successful men can never make relationships work for them, even if they do find a great girl.

And like most things in life, the only way to really improve is to get around people who are really successful, and willing and able to teach you.

2. You’re too intelligent to be good with women.

Women feel, you think! You’re left brain, girls are right brain. Your high IQ  puts you at at a huge disadvantage with women because women are emotional, not logical reasoning creatures. This is why so many intelligent, problem solving guys such as engineers, programmers or financial analysts really struggle with dating skills and women their whole lives.

And just to make matters worse, we’ve found computers are the arch enemy of dating and social success. If you’re spending much more than 15 hours a week on your computer, you’ll really struggle to go out on the weekends and be social, let alone seduce women.

3. You’re so busy and have little time or energy left for dating.

You simply don’t have any time or energy left in your week to focus on things other than work. Things like dating for instance. This is so common with young graduates, professionals and especially business owners and finance guys.

You might also only get to meet a limited range of people outside of your work circles. Just like the 45 yo doctor who has never dated outside the medical industry.

And in today’s professional world, it’s not usually the smartest career move to sleep with with women you meet through work.

4. You’re a success in life. You want that level of success with women too.

Is This You - You're A Success In LifeYou’ve worked hard. You’ve now got the life people envy. And you want real success with women too. What good is all your money, cool toys and status if you’re all alone on weekends and holidays? Or even worse just wasting your life hanging onto a woman who doesn’t really make you happy because you’re too scared you can’t get anyone else?

You might also hold a fairly lofty place in your world and don’t want to go embarrassing yourself trying to improve your dating skills just with trial and error. Plus you’re busy and you don’t have much spare time to ever properly learn the skill-set to meet and seduce the highest quality women–the sort of girls you’d be proud to bring into your business and social circles.

And you definitely want the ability to quickly identify the many beautiful women who are mainly after their own piece of your hard earned success.

5. You can get decent girls already, but now you want the best.

You already do well with women, but you’re looking for the skills to find, meet and seduce the highest quality women, in terms of their beauty, intelligence and honesty. A woman who could be your long term girlfriend. One day, even the mother of your children.

You’re a guy who can get girls who are 7’s, 8’s no problem, maybe even the odd 9, but put a real life 10 in front of you and you turn into a quivering mess. Even when she is really interested in you, some crazy part of your subconscious mind just goes into self sabotage mode. And you screw it up.

Or maybe you don’t yet really understand seriously beautiful women. Especially so “Woman’s Tests”. These are the barrage of psychological games women play to find out what’s really going on inside your head and to figure out what sort of a man you are. If you can just learn a little about “Women’s Tests” the keys to the kingdom of beautiful women can be yours.

6. It’s time for some fun! Dating multiple women, models, threesomes.

You’ve done a bit in life, maybe you’ve been mainly focused on your career or family. And you’re after some adventures while you still can. You only live once after all!

It might be:
– dating fun, energetic younger women,
dating multiple women at the same time
– dating models and/or incredibly beautiful women,
– having regular threesomes.

Many of our clients have found a lot of these things surprisingly easy. Especially once someone (who actually does all this stuff himself and can do a pretty decent job of teaching it) shows them exactly what to do.

7. You’re divorced or out of a long term relationship.

And it’s a really scary thing. Have you found your skills are rusty, the dating scene has changed and the rules are just so different now? Perhaps she’s already replaced you with a really desirable guy, and this has really smashed your confidence. Plus you don’t have many cool single guy friends to go out with anymore. If you put these 3 things together they can be debilitating.

8. Your friends are getting girlfriends or wives & kids. You’re getting lonely.

You’re starting to get a bit lonely on weekends and holidays. You hate being the only single guy and always showing up to places alone. And how on earth can you possibly meet a girl yourself if you don’t have anyone left to go out with? The dating scene is getting stressful. What if you never meet anyone again? Or are forced to settle for someone average that you met speed dating or online, just to avoid being alone for the rest of your life.

9. You’re a smart young guy who wants a head-start over the competition.

“God, I would give anything to have done this course when I was 18”. 

This is the by far the #1 thing we hear from our clients. So don’t wait til you’ve got your degree, or a job with more money. You’ll have no time left then, and you sure as hell won’t be surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of hot young, slim, eager girls like at University.  And better still, all the other guys your age have NO CLUE about women whatsoever. Nothing!

If you can just learn a few simple things we teach you’ll slaughter all your competition. You can have more girls than you can ever dream of. And be the envy of every other guy. And have more friends than you know what do to with. Plus set yourself up for an extraordinary life.

10. You tried PUA or internet advice. It didn’t help that much

You Tried PUA - "The Game"

You once Googled “how to meet women”, or you read this unputdownable novel about a short, bald, lonely, frustrated rock writer who found his “guru” and became a celebrity dating stud. You found this book in the “self help” section of Borders in between “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “Think & Grow Rich”, so it must be really awesome stuff, right?

But the sad truth is that pick-up artists’ methods were created to help seriously socially-disadvantaged guys achieve just one thing: to successfully start a simple conversation with a woman in a bar (an approach). A “success” is collecting a phone number (number close), or a drunken kiss (a kiss close). In reality, PUA is about trying to impress other men—and isn’t much help to decent guys looking to have sex with lots of beautiful women, and/or find an awesome girlfriend. 

The irony is that if an educated, decent guy uses many seduction industry strategies to “build attraction”, he will often weird girls out. She’ll ask herself, “why is this stylishly dressed, well-spoken guy trying so hard to act cool and confident? Why can’t he just be himself? Does he seriously think this act is going impress me?”.

If this is you, you are far from alone! We regularly coach decent, intelligent guys who went looking for answers, then wasted years of their life learning this stuff. Many went backwards as their self confidence was savaged by trying these techniques and failing over and over again. We can show you a better way that doesn’t change who you are but still gets you the confidence and success with women you were striving for.