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Private Instruction Is Great If…

  • You want to meet, attract and sleep with higher quality women.
  • You want to be able to approach women smoothly and confidently.
  • You want to build great conversations and not run out of things to say.
  • You want to learn how to flirt effectively.
  • You want to turn dates into sex.

Dating coaches James, Rebecca & Nicola work with Private Instruction client on how to approach women in bars

Private Instruction Is Our Rolls Royce Service

Private Instruction sessions are completely custom designed to zero in on your personal sticking points and give you the skills you need to attract the women you want. Having James plus 1 or 2 of our beautiful Female Trainers all to yourself means you can get the break throughs you want – fast and without any distractions or compromising on time. Private Instruction is ideal for very busy, successful or famous men, as well clients wanting us want to focus completely upon the 1 or 2 key areas that are holding them back.

Dating coaches Nicola & James with Private Instruction client

The Process

James will first talk with you over the phone for 30 minutes to try to work out exactly what is holding you back and to work out your goals for socialising with, meeting, seducing and understanding women. Then, allowing for time and budget considerations, we will construct a personalised program to help you reach your goals fast.

Support After Your Coaching Session

But our training doesn’t just end here. Your Private Instruction tuition includes:

  • A 30 minute follow up coaching call with James, or if you prefer the female perspective Head Trainer Rebecca.
  • An invite to Quarterly Small Group Alumni Video coaching calls for the next 2 years.
Dating coach Natalie with Private Instruction client

What’s Your Investment?

The investment for 8 hours of Private Instruction with James and 1 of our beautiful Female Trainers is AUD$3,495. If you’d prefer James and 2 Female Trainers it’s AUD$3,995. We’ve coached many interesting and successful men from different backgrounds from all around the world. We sometimes offer bonus coaching on multiple bookings. Contact us to have James personally discuss with you how we can tailor a Private Instruction program to meet all your goals with beautiful women fast. Click Here To Apply

You’ll Master The Skills To Attract The Women You Want

You’ll go through our program of hands on practical drills and exercises on our Female Trainers that teach you step by step, exactly what you need to do from first seeing a new woman through to leading her into your bedroom.

  • How to confidently approach women
  • How to start and sustain an enjoyable conversation
  • How to use touch and eye contact to attract and seduce women
  • How to plan a date so it’s fun and leads to sex
  • How to understand how beautiful women think, particularly about dating and sex

You’ll get to practice these exercises on 1 or 2 different beautiful Female Trainers. Dating coaches Claudia & Rebecca with Private Instruction client

Your Female Trainers

Our Female Trainers are all beautiful, university educated, cultured and of above average intelligence. And they absolutely love helping men like you improve their lives. Our Female Trainers are:

  • A professional bikini model, a catwalk model, an actress, psychology graduates, students and a high priced IT Consultant with a Computer Science Degree.
  • Aged 20-29
  • 5’3-6’1
  • EurAsian, European, Eastern European, Australian and American

Our Female Trainers have a wide range of skills. One girl specialises in turning you into a bullet proof approacher by playing the near impossible to talk to “bitch”. Two other girls specialise in teaching you to become the grand master of getting women smoothly back to your bedroom, and two girls specialise in helping with our many analytical thinking Engineer or Programmer clients.

How To Apply

We interview all our Private Instruction clients to ensure we are the right fit for you.

  • Click the sign up button below.
  • Fill out our short questionnaire. This will let us understand where you are in your life with women and dating and what you want to get out of your coaching.

We will be in contact within 48 hours to set up your phone call with James. He will discuss your sticking points and goals and create a personalised training program for you. If you have any questions about Private Instruction please feel free to call Rebecca on (+61) 02 8003 6779. Enquire today.




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