3 Day Bootcamp

We Guarantee To Make You Better With Women In Our 3 Day Bootcamp With Beautiful Female Trainers

13 Things You’ll Get On Your Bootcamp

1. Hands On Training With Female Instructors

Natalie Coaching

We set you up to succeed–first you’ll first try everything you learn (in the safety of the classroom) with intelligent, attractive Female Trainers, giving you ‘real time’ feedback on your approaches . You’ll repeat the dating drills over and over again under close supervision until you master the skills to become successful with women. It’s just like hitting hundreds of golf balls on a driving range under the watchful eye of your skilled golf pro and then going out to play and effortlessly hitting the ball straight down the middle nearly every time.

2. Get The Real Female Perspective On Seduction

Rebecca and Georgia

Our system is different. When you approach a beautiful girl on our Bootcamps, our expert Female Trainer tells you exactly what you did right and what you did wrong. She lets you know instantly at which point she started to liked you. She tells you what “obvious” signals she gave you that you didn’t act upon. And when she lost her sexual interest in you and placed you into the “friend zone”. If you didn’t do so good she’ll politely tell you at which points you came too close, or were too far away, or didn’t listen well enough, asked boring questions, or sounded too sleazy, etc. etc. And then she shows you exactly what you should have done and lets you try your approach again, so you don’t make the same simple mistakes with the next girl you talk to. How could you possibly get that in the real world of dating?

Client Story - Ryan

Client Story - Charlie
3. Drills And Exercise Based Training

We break down the key skills you need to meet, attract, date and sleep with beautiful, interesting women–and teach them to you in a proven step by step system of hands-on drills and exercises with our Female Trainers. This way you’ll already be a master of the core dating skills before we take you out to bars. Most “dating bootcamps” give you a theoretical lecture and maybe let you watch a “live demonstration” approach or two–which you can’t hear! Then you’re told by your instructor, “Go approach!” in this noisy, drunken bar while they watch whether your sink or swim. Then they try to give you useful feedback on an approach they couldn’t even hear.

4. Practice Over And Over Until You’re Perfect

You won’t just practice your approach and conversation skills once or twice, but hundreds of times, until you perfect each and every part of the puzzle… each success overwriting your subconscious programming and eliminating self sabotage as you become more and more natural and confident with women. This safe environment will allow you to work out your sticking points, beat your anxieties and develop certainty in your skills… before we lead you into the real world. Client Story - Albert

5. Approach Anxiety Destroying Exercises

You might find that mastering the skills to be successful with women is not enough by itself. You also need to know how to get yourself into the frame of mind to consistently go out and take action. You’ll learn a host of powerful techniques to get you happy, confident and full of positive energy. And most importantly out of your head. These techniques are drawn from acting classes, personal development courses and Eastern philosophy. Students rave about these, even more than our beautiful Female Trainers.

6. Learn What To Do Step By Step – From First Eye Contact To Sex

There will be no more gaping holes in your skill set and understanding of how to seduce women. We train you step-by-step in hands-on drills with our beautiful Female Trainers–everything you need to know from how to meet beautiful women, to exactly what to do when you get her back to your place. You’ll know exactly what to do at every step of the way. You’ll have lasting confidence, powerful social skills, a powerful understanding of how gorgeous women really think as well as plenty of practical experience.

7. Live Training In Bars, Bookstores, Shopping Centres – And More

After you’ve mastered the classroom drills and exercises, we take you out to upmarket bars, shopping centers and bookstores to practice what you’ve learnt… and give you the opportunity to apply your new skills out in the real world. Safe in the knowledge that our coaches are there to support you, give you feedback and guide your progress, you will reinforce your new skill set until it becomes an indelible part of who you are.

8. Individualised And Tailored Coaching

This is not a one size fits all program. You are different to the other guys we teach. Different age, appearance, experience and sticking points, so we DO NOT put you through a one size fits all program. We coach YOU.

9. Small Group Sizes – A 2:1 Ratio Of Students To Instructors

This means we really get to know you as an individual, your personality, strengths, weaknesses and goals. We will uncover the real things that are holding you back from having the women you want and give you highly personalised training–from both James and our team of beautiful Female Trainers.

10. 34+ Hours Of Instruction – Longest We Know Of In The World

You’re trying to smash bad habits and beliefs you’ve built up over a lifetime–unfortunate experiences with girls. painful experiences with your parents and teachers plus all the junk you get from TV, magazines and movies. So be warned this is one intense, demanding long weekend. It starts around 10.30am Friday and goes through to Sunday evening (most other seduction Bootcamps are between 12-23 hours).

11. Personal Action Plan

Most intelligent guys fail with women because they try to master too much. There won’t be any confusion or worry about what to do once your program has ended. James and his team of Female Trainers sit down and pull apart everything you did over the 3 days. You will leave super focused. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to get to your goals with women with a simple 3-5 point action plan they design especially for you. If you go away and implement this plan you will get to your goals fast and possibly soon live a life with women you did not think was possible. Client Story - Michael

12. Ongoing 12 Month Phone Coaching Program Included

We don’t just love you and leave you. You get not one, but 4 hour-long group phone coaching calls included in your tuition fee. We know from years of student feedback that we may well give you the best Bootcamp in the world, but we know we can increase your results further still by being available to answer your ongoing questions. We also help you confidently through your inevitable ups and downs.

13. Powerful Network Of Like Minded Men

The right peer group can turbo charge your ongoing success. You’ll receive an introduction to James’ personal network of past clients. Cool guys with a passion for growth, adventure and achievement. You’ll receive invitations to events, dinners, seminars and specialised coaching calls. We may also help match you up with guys in or around your home city so you’ll have a cool guy to go out with, who can help you and push you to achieve your goals. Client Story - Nathan

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What Will The Other Guys On Your Bootcamp Be Like?

We take a maximum of 6 clients on each Bootcamp. The average age of our clients is 34, with most falling in the 25-55 age range. We also get a handful of intelligent younger men and the occasional 60+.

The Number 1 defining characteristic of our clients is that most tend to be of above average intelligence. Many are professionals, office workers or business owners. We coach a lot of super smart guys such as engineers, programmers, doctors and executives.

The Number 2 characteristic is that they are not prepared to sit around and patiently wait for what fate brings into their lives. They have gotten off their bum to produce results in other areas of their life and they now intend to take charge and get the social, dating and sex life they dream of.

What You’ll Be Able To Do After Your Bootcamp

  • Know how to consistently manage and break through your approach anxiety
  • Approach women and create a powerful first impression within the first 4 seconds
  • Approach women alone, in pairs and in groups
  • Approach women in bars, bookstores, classes, shops, the street, university, traveling, at cafes and restaurants
  • Learn to meet women in your daily life (day game)
  • Consistently generate sparkling conversations
  • Always know what to say next when talking to a beautiful woman
  • Tell when woman is interested in you, and when she’s not
  • Build deep, genuine connections that she will remember long after you met her
Dating And Seduction
  • Reduce girls flaking on you (not returning calls) to negligible levels
  • Plan dates that are simple, inexpensive, fun and enjoyable
  • Plan dates that consistently get girls back to your bedroom and out of their clothes
  • Deal smoothly with women’s fears, anxieties and tests before you have sex for the first time
Touching And Eye Contact
  • Build attraction with women using simple, skillful and respectful touch
  • Use eye contact techniques to build rapport with women and demonstrate your confidence
  • Use touch and eye contact to get women aroused and sexually attracted to you
  • Use touch and eye contact to get women into your bed and out of their clothes
Understanding Beautiful Women
  • Identify and deal with a woman’s ‘tests’
  • Read body language and regularly know what a woman is really thinking
  • Understand how the most beautiful women think and make decisions about dating
  • Meet, date and have sex with women way out of your league
  • Turn a friendly interaction into something sexual
  • Smoothly transition from talking, to touching, to kissing, to sex
  • Know what to do at each and every step of the way from first eye contact to sex
  • How to dress and build your wardrobe to get the most sex for the least time and money

If you doubt our ability to deliver all this in 3 days, please check out our Client Stories.

How To Apply

Upcoming dates
  • 12th – 14th July, 2013 – Sydney Sold Out
  • 6th – 8th September, 2013 – Sydney
  • Click on the “apply now” button below
  • Fill out a short form to tell us about you and your goals with women and dating
  • Pick a Bootcamp date and location
  • Hold your place with a deposit of AUD$500

A Social Coach team member will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your enrolment. Bootcamp dates and places are limited by the number of skilled beautiful Female Trainers we have available (one is currently travelling in Europe and another is busy with acting work). They often sell out well in advance, especially over summer.



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