3 Day Bootcamp With Beautiful Female Trainers

Over 3 days, you’ll discover Social Coach’s exact step-by-step techniques to attract, seduce and sleep with beautiful, fun, sweet and interesting women.

During this Bootcamp you’ll put your new skills and techniques into practice over and over. Firstly in the classroom in exercises with our gorgeous Female Trainers, then in the real world.

The unique processes in this dating Bootcamp are designed to bring out the best in you in the shortest possible time. At the end of the Social Coach Bootcamp you’ll know exactly what to do, at every step–from first eye contact with a woman, to what to do back at your place.

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Private Instruction

This is our Rolls Royce service. The sessions are completely flexible and custom designed to fit your personal needs and goals exactly.

Having James plus one or two of our top Female Trainers all to yourself means you can get the breakthroughs you want fast and without any distractions or compromising on time.

Private instruction is designed for extremely busy, successful or even famous men looking for the maximum possible results per hour invested. It is an intensive training program targeted to address your personal sticking points in complete anonymity.

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Phone / Skype Coaching

Phone Coaching With James Maclane, Social Coach

James has personally coached hundreds of men from all over the world. He has become a master at rapidly zeroing in on the 1 or 2 key issues that are holding you back from the life with women you really want.

So much so that often a single, one hour phone coaching call is often enough to put many guys back on the right track in their dating lives. As such we receive requests from all over the world for Phone Coaching with James.

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